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Thermocouple assembly

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  • Brand:    HD-SE-08
  • Type:    HD-WR
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Thermocouple assembly consists of a metal protection tube, prolong the thermocouple wire, wire assembly, the product has the advantages of simple structure, wide application range, the vast majority of thermocouple temperature measurement occasions were selected by this way, according to different customer requirements into wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, waterproof and heat resistance, etc..

HD-SE-08Series of temperature sensorsDetails



Armoured thermocouple and display instrument, usually use recording instrument, computer and other supporting.Liquid direct measurement of the production process of 0 ° C~1300 ° C, steam and gas and solid medium surface temperature.

1Armored thermocouple measurement range and tolerance

  2Armored thermocouple recommended temperature

Thermocouple assembly:

When ordering, please inform your parameters:

1 thermocouple type selection: (S, R, B, N, K, E, J, T)

2 operating temperature range?

3 protection tube diameter?

4 protective tube length?

5 installation form? (activity / activities / fixed screw threaded flange / fixed flange / other)

6 installation thread or flange size

7 measurement occasions required? (wear / corrosion / ex / water / other)

8 no mention of other requirements, please inform us.

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