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Flange digital input type liquid level gauge

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   Flange digital input type liquidometer using diffused silicon piezoresistive core body, 316 stainless steel structure, stainless steel flange 304 plus digital meter on-site display, shell using isolated explosion-proof design, level is mainly applicable to rivers, groundwater, reservoir, water tower and container, measurement and control. Circuit using a signal isolating amplifier, cut-off frequency interference Design (anti-jamming, anti lightning) over-voltage protection, over-current protection, shock resistance, anti-corrosion and other design.

   HD-LLSSeries levelDetails of the sensor

  Technical parameters:

     Measurement of medium:Water,OilLiquid

     Pressure type:Gauge pressure, absolute pressure (no default gauge)

      Range:0 ~ 300m intermediate range option

     Overall accuracy:0.1%FS

     Output signal:4 ~ 20mA (two-wire), 0 ~ 5V, 1 ~ 5V, 0 ~ 10V (three wire)

     Power supply voltage:12 - 36VDC

     Medium temperature:-30 ~ 60 ℃

     Environmental temperature:-40 ~ 85 ℃

   The zero temperature drift:Within 0.05%FS ℃

 The range of temperature drift:Within 0.05%FS ℃

     Compensation temperature:0~70 ℃

     Safety overload:150%FS


     The sampling frequency:≤ 2ms

     Load capacity: (current) 250~1425.(voltage) ≥ 2K.

     Seal level:IP68

 The long-term stability performance:0.1%FS/ years

     The influence of vibration:In the mechanical vibration frequency of 20Hz to 1000Hz, the output change is less than 0.1%FS

     Connection mode:Flange type DN25 (Price) DN30 (20) DN40 (40) DN50 (60)

                      DN65 (80)DN80 (120)DN100 (150)

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