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Explosion-proof thermocouple in industrial application

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Explosion-proof thermocoupleIsThermocoupleA common type, has good explosion-proof performance, wide measuring range, flexible use, high reliability, and many other advantages, can be used in many kinds of dangerous environment.What is the specific application of knowledge explosion proof thermocouple below Hao Du expert?For everyone to introduce.

    Industrial use flameproof explosion-proof thermocouple thermocouple is a kind ofTemperature sensor, in the chemical industry in the automatic control system of a wide range of applications, the temperatureSensor, temperature can be control object parameters into electrical signals, transmitted to the display, record and control instrument, the system implementation, explosion-proof thermocouple detection of regulation and control. In the chemical plant, the production site is often accompanied by a variety of flammable, explosive and other chemical gas, steam, if the use of ordinary thermocouple is very unsafe, extremely easy to cause gas explosion. Therefore, in these situations must use explosion-proof thermocouple as the temperature sensor.

    Explosion-proof thermocouple applications generally and display instrument,RecorderSupporting the use of electronic computer table, etc.. Direct measurement of the production site the presence of hydrocarbons and other explosives from 0 ℃ to 1300 ℃ range of liquid, steam and gas and solid medium surface temperature. Features: a variety of explosion-proof, explosion-proof performance is good; the pressure spring type temperature sensing element, good anti vibration performance; measurement range; high mechanical strength, good pressure resistance; working principle is the use of gap explosion-proof explosion-proof thermocouple principle, the junction box component design has sufficient strength, will have will spark, arc and the dangerous temperature components are sealed in the junction box, when the explosion occurred the box.

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