Digital temperature sensor DS18B20

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DS18B20 digital temperature sensor wiring is convenient, packaged as can be applied in many occasions, such as the pipeline type, screw type, magnet adsorption, stainless steelEncapsulation type, type variety.The main change in appearance according to different applications. After the DS18B20 package can be used for cable channel temperature, blast furnace circulating water temperature, boiler temperature, room temperature, agricultural greenhouse temperature, clean room temperature, ammunition and other non limiting temperature measurement occasions. Wear-resistant touch, small volume, convenient use, packaging forms, space equipment for a variety of small areas of digital temperature measurement and control.

  HD-DS18B20Series of temperature sensorsDetails

The main parameters of DS18B20 components:

A single unique interface mode, DS18B20 needs only one line can be realized by microprocessor and DS18B20 two-way communication in connected with the microprocessor when.

The temperature range of 55 ℃ ~ +125 ℃, -10 ~ +85 ℃ accuracy is ± 0.5 ℃

The DS18B20 supports multipoint function, multiple DS18B20 can be connected in parallel in three online only, achieve network multi-point temperature measurement. If the amount is too much, will make the power supply voltage is too low, resulting in the instability of signal transmission.

The working power supply: 3.0~5.5V/DC (data line parasitic power)

The DS18B20 does not require any external components in use, all sensor and conversion circuit are integrated into the shape of a transistor in integrated circuit

The programmable resolution is 9 ~ 12, the corresponding resolvable temperature were 0.5 ℃, 0.25 ℃, 0.125 ℃ and 0.0625 ℃, which can achieve high precision temperature measurement

The pressure features: power supply polarity reverse connection, the chip will not burn down because of the heat, but can not work normally.

The TO-92 package

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