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Active thread sleeve PT100 thermal resistance

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Corrugated pipe threaded mounting PT100 thermal resistance, is in the active thread card basis sets installed, then the connection cable, plus a corrugated tube as the cable protection device, the cable is more strong, flexible, enhancing the anti abrasion, cable tensile capacity under severe operating conditions, the more effectively prevent aging cable, fracture.

The details of the HD-PT100 series of temperature sensors


When ordering, please inform the following parameters:

    1 PT100 Pt thermal resistance element precision selection (a + 0.15 B ± 0.3 C ± 0.6)
2 temperature measuring temperature range? (0 ℃ -250 ℃)
3 wire output? (usually 2 wire /3, wire /4 wire choose one)
4 wire requirements? (high temperature / wear / corrosion / ex / water / other)
5.A long line of length? (common 1M/2M/3M/4M/5M standard)
The 6 thread size M and the insertion depth of EL? (M6x1 M8x1.25 M10x1.5 M12x1.75)
    Tail 7 compensating conductor? (tin /U terminal / metal wire / terminal)

    8 other special requirements, special occasions custom please explain in detail

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